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Why inspect for oak wilt?

We offer pre-purchase property inspections for oak wilt providing buyers with valuable information about the property. These inspections are also valuable for property owners and help identify any issues that may need attention that they may not be aware of.

What do we look for?

We provide property inspections geared towards finding active oak wilt symptoms or issues that may require oak wilt treatment & prevention services. Foliar symptoms along with mortality patterns are used in diagnosing oak wilt. Other issues may cause similar appearance in leaves and stress in trees, so knowing how to differentiate is critical when diagnosing oak wilt. When possible, diagnostic sampling can be used to help diagnose when symptoms and disease patterns are not clear. Unfortunately, results can be inconsistent and can take 3-4 weeks so this is not practical for working with time constraints like an option period. Any concerns with tree health would be detailed in a report.

Oak Wilt Symptom
Diagnosing Oak Wilt

What do you get?

Our inspection reports provide critical information to buyers detailing issues with oak wilt on the property and any costs associated with recommended services. We have issued reports for properties that had already lost around 85% of the trees with a general disclosure of “oak wilt is in the area”. We have saved clients thousands of dollars, and some the heartache of purchasing a property for the trees when they had already been lost. These inspections are also very beneficial for property owners that may not be aware of issues, helping to identify and put plans in place for ongoing oak wilt management. Finding issues early is key in minimizing the losses on a property.

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