We offer oak wilt treatment and prevention services throughout Central Texas and its affected counties. Our certified arborist will develop a plan of care for your trees. Oak wilt treatment may include injection of fungicide or trenching to prevent the spread of the pathogen. Read more about our services below and contact us to schedule your consultation with our ISA certified arborist.

Fungicide Injections

Oak Wilt Pros use macro-injections to inject Alamo (propiconazole), a systemic fungicide, into the vascular system of the tree. The fungicide is injected into the tree’s water-conducting vascular system through small holes drilled into the root flares at the base of the tree. The injection acts similarly to an IV system allowing the fungicide to move through the tree, spreading through the entire canopy and into new growth. Treatment success depends on the health of the candidate tree, application rate, and injection technique. Find out more about our oak wilt services and click the link below.

This service plants one tree.

We pledge to plant a tree for every tree injected through our partnership with One Tree Planted.

Oak Wilt Trenching Services


We utilize trenches to break root connections between oak trees. This is the only way to stop root transmission of the oak wilt fungus through grafting. The most common technique is to sever roots by trenching at least 48 inches deep with trenching machines. We install suppression trenches to depths of 52 inches. This exceeds the Texas Forest Service standard. Also, we can provide further excavation when necessary. Click the link below to find out more about oak wilt trenching services and developing oak wilt management plans.


We provide pre-purchase property inspections for oak wilt. Neglected oak wilt disclosures create massive problems. Inspections can help identify immediate oak wilt threats on the property under consideration. In addition, oak wilt inspections can also reveal any threats along property lines that could become an issue in the future. We issue reports that will discuss our findings, usually within 48 hours of inspection. Reports will include any recommended treatments, and any costs associated with treatment and prevention services.

Why choose the Pros?

Knowledge & Experience

We are one of the few companies that specialize in oak wilt management. That means our focus is on treating, preventing, and helping you protect your investment from oak wilt. With over a decade in oak wilt experience, we have been a part of saving thousands of trees. Our efforts aim to minimize the impact of oak wilt on affected properties.

Licensed & Insured

Oak wilt management plans created by Texas Oak Wilt Qualified & ISA Certified Arborist. ISA Member and ISA Texas Chapter members. Licensed commercial applicator with the Texas Department of Agriculture. We fully insured and hold a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

We give back!

Oak Wilt Pros strives to have a greater social & environmental impact. By donating a portion of our sales we are able to invest in causes like the replanting of our national forests as well as in research to better combat destructive diseases like oak wilt. Our goal is to save as many trees as possible, while planting new ones along the way.


How long do oak wilt injections take?

Chemical uptake could be complete in as little as an hour but can also take up to 48 hours depending on several conditions including tree health. Treatment for trees showing signs of oak wilt, or therapeutic injections, may not completely finish due to a compromised vascular system.

How long do oak wilt injections protect a tree?

The chemical life of an oak wilt injection is around 2 years. It is recommended to reassess the trees for secondary injections at 18 -24 months to determine if they need further protection from oak wilt.

What happens if you don’t paint a wound?

Sap feeding beetles (Nitidulidae) are attracted to fresh wounds on oak trees. Without painting, the beetle can carry oak wilt spores to these wounds creating new infections and oak wilt centers.

How does oak wilt spread?

New oak wilt infections are caused by sap feeding beetles (Nitiduladae) feeding on fresh wounds and carrying oak wilt fungal spores to that tree or wound. Once a tree is infected with oak wilt, the oak wilt pathogen will move through surrounding oak trees through root graft transmission.

Do oak wilt trenches remain open?

No, trenches are cut and filled in as the trench is installed. During work, we are able to visually inspect for root depth prior to backfilling.

Do oak wilt injections stop oak wilt movement?

No, oak wilt will move to and through the root systems of an injected tree. Oak wilt injections can suppress the oak wilt fungus to the roots. However, this protects the tree from decline as the fungus is escorted through the root systems to either a trench line or a spot where it cannot find a healthy host.


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