Oak Wilt Treatment

oak wilt treatment

Oak wilt treatment consists of systemic fungicide injections to help protect trees as oak wilt moves through the root systems. Preventative application is preferred, however, therapeutic applications can be used to help prevent further decline. Preventative treatment can achieve success rates as high as 85%-90%. Therapeutic results will be lower and often depend on the individual health of the candidate, as well as the tree’s performance at the time of treatment.

Macro-injections are the preferred method of treatment when dealing with oak wilt. Macro-injections consist of excavating the flare root, and then drilling and inserting injection tees around the flare to better displace the fungicide throughout the tree. We utilize several different low pressure containers to deliver the fungicide to the trees. Trees are dosed according to inches DBH (diameter at breast height) with Alamo, the industry standard fungicide for treating oak wilt.

Oak Wilt Injections
oak wilt treatment

Success of treatment depends greatly on timing of the application. Since preventative application is preferred, treating trees near disease, prior to being challenged will increase your chances of being successful. Trees within approximately 100ft of disease should be assessed for treatment in efforts to save as oak wilt moves through the root systems. Contact us today if you have questions about the health of your trees, or if you would like more information about oak wilt treatment for your property.

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