Foliar Symptom of Oak Wilt

Foliar Symptom of Oak Wilt

Veinal necrosis is a foliar symptom of oak wilt disease in live oaks. This is seen with the yellowing of the veins that eventually turns brown or necrotic as the tree dies. Most live oaks will struggle and die within the first 3-6 months while others may survive several years as the disease slowly moves through its water distribution system, eventually killing the tree.

Make sure you keep an eye on your trees and look for any symptoms that could be an indication of oak wilt. Prevention is the best method to fighting oak wilt so keep an eye on your neighbor’s trees too as their problem could soon become your problem. Improper pruning and the presence of fresh wounds, when left undressed, could lead to beetles carrying fungal mat spores to the fresh wounds and infecting otherwise healthy trees. Root grafting is another primary way for the pathogen to spread from diseased trees to healthy trees unless preventative applications have been made or suppression trenches have been installed. Look for problems before the foliar symptom of oak wilt becomes present. Asymptomatic trees within the reach of diseased oaks are the best candidates for therapeutic injections, acting to prevent further spread of the disease.

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