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Expert Oak Wilt Services: Prevention & Treatment for Trees

Oak wilt is a devastating disease affecting vast swathes of Central Texas oaks, rendering immediate and expert action imperative. Arborists utilizing advanced treatment methodologies are the vanguard against this relentless pathogen – a shield of arboreal health in a vulnerable ecosystem. Identifying Oak Wilt Oak wilt identification begins with close observation of foliage symptoms. Leaves […]

Combat Oak Wilt: Proven Treatment Methods

Can your prized oak trees withstand a silent killer? It begins subtly, with just a few wilted leaves among robust branches. But oak wilt is a formidable adversary, often advancing stealthily beneath the bark, compromising vital water-transporting vessels—essentially sealing the fate of oaks before symptoms surface in their majestic canopies. Prevention is paramount. Understanding Oak […]

What Does Oak Wilt Look Like?

What does oak wilt look like? Knowing what oak wilt looks like, including foliar symptoms and mortality patterns, can help you find issues early and help minimize your losses. Along with being able to visually diagnose oak wilt, an understanding of how it spreads is critical in prescribing treatment & prevention services. Sometimes the trees […]

Why Inspect for Oak Wilt?

We developed our inspection process to help provide an added layer of protection when purchasing or managing a property. Our pre-purchase property inspections for oak wilt can provide valuable information to a buyer about potential oak wilt issues and associated costs with managing oak wilt on the desired property. Comprehensive oak wilt inspections can also […]

Property Inspections for Oak Wilt

Pre-purchase property inspections for oak wilt can provide valuable information to buyers, detailing specific concerns and costs associated with managing oak wilt on the desired property. Buyers should not settle for generic oak wilt disclosures simply stating “oak wilt is in the area”. We have observed significant losses due to oak wilt as well as […]

Oak Wilt Disclosures

Oak Wilt disclosure during a real estate transaction may often be neglected unintentionally. We provide property inspections for oak wilt to help protect a buyer and inform them of any oak wilt threats that may be affecting their desired property. Our ISA Certified arborist will inspect the property in question, looking for any immediate threats […]

Signs Of Oak Wilt

Know the signs of oak wilt. Know what to look for and know what to do when you see them. Depending on the type of oak infected you can have a total loss of life in as little as 30 days. Live oaks have the most prominent sign of infection with veinal necrosis or veinal […]