Author: oakpro

Why Inspect for Oak Wilt?

We developed our inspection process to help provide an added layer of protection when purchasing or managing a property. Our pre-purchase property inspections for oak wilt can provide valuable information to a buyer about potential oak wilt issues and associated costs with managing oak wilt on the desired property. Comprehensive oak wilt inspections can also […]

Oak Wilt Disclosures

Oak Wilt disclosure during a real estate transaction may often be neglected unintentionally. We provide property inspections for oak wilt to help protect a buyer and inform them of any oak wilt threats that may be affecting their desired property. Our ISA Certified arborist will inspect the property in question, looking for any immediate threats […]

Macro-Injection Services

We provide macro-injection services using Alamo┬«, the industry standard for systemic fungicides used in preventative applications on live oaks. We inject this fungicide into the root flares at the base of the tree to be drawn into the tree’s water conducting vascular system and distributed throughout the tree. Macro-injections are superior to micro-injections as the […]

Oak Wilt Sucks!

We are launching Oak Wilt Sucks! as a platform to help spread information about oak wilt while trying to stop the spread of the disease. Oak Wilt is a destructive disease spreading throughout the Texas hill country. Follow us as we work to stop the spread of this disease while operating with a focus on […]