Property Inspections fo Oak Wilt

Oak Wilt Disclosures

Oak Wilt disclosure during a real estate transaction may often be neglected unintentionally. We provide property inspections for oak wilt to help protect a buyer and inform them of any oak wilt threats that may be affecting their desired property.

Our ISA Certified arborist will inspect the property in question, looking for any immediate threats of oak wilt as well as any potential threats from neighboring properties. This includes looking for foliar symptoms and mortality patterns that would indicate active oak wilt as well as pruning and clearing techniques that could lead to infection. Sometimes the threat of oak wilt is due to infection on a neighboring property. We look for oak wilt threats within 100 feet of the property line or nearest tree that could become an issue, spreading the oak wilt pathogen through root grafting.

To better inspect larger properties we utilize GPS and drone services as well as a thorough walk-through to help identify these potential threats. Our pricing for inspection is related to the size of the property and how dense the growth is on the property in question. Contact us to schedule pre-purchase property inspections for oak wilt and find out more about our oak wilt services at

-Oak Wilt Pros

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