Oak Wilt Injections

Oak Wilt Injections

Untreated trees left in the path of oak wilt only have about a 15% chance of survival. If your trees are in immediate danger, are near an oak wilt infected center or adjacent to symptomatic trees, oak wilt injections could help drastically improve their chance of survival.

We use industry recognized macro-injections with Alamo┬« (propiconazole), a systemic fungicide. Alamo┬« has shown results with 90% success rates for preventative applications to asymptomatic live oaks at risk of root graft infection. Phytotoxic reactions to the chemical solution are a possibility and can result in a tree’s death making the selection process imperative as well as the procedures of the injection itself.

Following Texas A&M Forest Service standards along with extensive experience in oak wilt injections helps us offer quality services with an added peace of mind. We operate efficiently to excavate the root crown without damaging the tree, select optimal injection points along the flare roots, and replace soil and mulch as necessary following the completion of the injection. We take pride in our work and follow up to check on the health of our injected trees.

Contact us if you suspect oak wilt may be affecting your oaks and set up a free consultation with our ISA Certified Arborist. Check out oakwiltpros.com for more information.

-Oak Wilt Pros

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