Diagnosing Oak Wilt

Property Inspections for Oak Wilt

Pre-purchase property inspections for oak wilt can provide valuable information to buyers, detailing specific concerns and costs associated with managing oak wilt on the desired property. Buyers should not settle for generic oak wilt disclosures simply stating “oak wilt is in the area”. We have observed significant losses due to oak wilt as well as properties in need of major treatment & prevention service plans that have protected buyers from proceeding with what would have certainly been a disheartening purchase. Especially a property being considered for purchase because of its beautiful trees, shade, or privacy.

We have observed properties with over 80% tree losses, properties needing over $20k in initial treatment services, and properties requiring years of oak wilt treatment and prevention services to prevent further losses going forward. Inspections have protected buyers simply unaware of the condition of the trees, as well as out of state buyers purchasing site unseen. Sometimes the signs of oak wilt are not obvious even to trained professionals, so due diligence inspecting for oak wilt should always accompany the purchase of property in Central Texas.

Our pre-purchase property inspections for oak wilt have been a proven service to help buyers navigate the oak wilt disclosure in a real estate transaction. Contact us for more information or to schedule your property inspection for oak wilt today!

-Oak Wilt Pros

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